A concussion is like a bruise that doesn’t fully drain.  You know those bruises that turn yellow, green, or even black and just hang around?  Concussions are like that, but they are underneath the skull bones or deeper in the brain.  Over time they harden a bit, and the flow through them gets muted.

This is why, when people have concussions, they may become forgetful or develop a stutter while they wait for their brain to make accommodations.  It’s like when there is road construction in your neighborhood and they put up orange cones.  All the traffic has to reroute.

In a CranioSacral session, I often find concussions, either new ones or old ones.  Sometimes the concussion is the reason a person has come to me; other times not.  I feel the lack of flow in the area and locate the borders of the concussion.  Then I help increase the body’s flow to the area.

Depending on the location of the concussion, I have seen them clear in two ways, Most commonly, the concussion will clarify and liquify, and then drain through the lymphatic channels in the head.  To the person on the table, this feels similar to sinus drainage, but occurring at a deeper level.  Less commonly, if the concussion is just underneath the bone, it will push through the dense bone matrix and come out on the exterior side of the bone, and then drain as a bruise would.

To the person with the concussion, it is a great relief to clear them.  Often he or she will experience better cognitive function, less pain, less restriction, and enhanced well-being.


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  1. missy says:

    What a difference already.I am so glad I found you! What a blessing you are.💝thank you Katie:)
    In the ongoing two years I have been treated for pain and have had no success with medical diagnosis/medication Katie finally gave me relief in only two visits thus far.
    My co-workers have even commented…I haven’t seen you look of feel this great in a long time.
    Thank you Katie!
    You are improving my life with your abilities and knowledge and I am forever grateful.
    God Bless!:)


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